The Problem: 

When expanding into online sales, many businesses end up with multiple ways of fulfilling orders. Either change occurs too quickly or the eCommerce systems do not fit with the way the business operates.

Often, we hear businesses say they waste time retrieving paper orders or using systems that don’t communicate with each other – dropping orders or making mistakes. In today’s social media driven world, a business cannot afford to appear disorganised or haphazard.

The Solution: 

Avoiding mistakes and minimising poor customer experience should really be your mantra. In most cases simply managing expectations and keeping the customer informed can mitigate negative experiences and even convert it to an acceptable experience. In order to do this, you must track and understand every customer, every order, be alerted when problems are likely to occur and take informative actions where necessary. You can only do this when you can see all the vital parts of your workflow and orders as they progress through your business. All systems should be electronic and all systems should be connected.

Our in-store system manages the fulfilment cycle (production flow), automatically updating customers along the way. Order flow is tracked using bar code scans throughout the factory.

The philosophy is simple, the software fits the need, exactly – don’t bend the ‘need’ to fit the software.