Cornerstones of Service

CornerstonesCompanies survive because they operate in unique ways. The ‘one size fits all’ solution might work well for some parts of your organisation, but when you need to change the way you operate just to accommodate your IT systems, you could be loosing efficiency. Like a well tailored suit, your eCommerce solution should fit your organisation perfectly.
Finding the best solution sometimes requires trial and error. At Techiaz we help you choose the building blocks and we piece them together to fit your needs as a packaged solution.

In-flight operations

Your business is already in flight. You don’t want to risk disrupting things, but you need to in order to grow. Techiaz can create migration plans, custom modules & scaffold systems that make your transition as smooth as possible.

Solution fit

Sometimes it’s impossible to know exactly what your business needs. You have to ‘try it out and see how it fits’. Techiaz will assist you each step of the way giving you the ‘personal fitting’ service you need to make solid choices for the future.

Missing pieces

Ever thought your business would run so much better if System A would talk to System B. Techiaz can fill those missing pieces in your I.T. systems. We are adept at data transformation, ETL (extract; transform; load), data analytics, building proof of concepts and custom hardware & software.